What’s cheapest?

Washing dishes by hands or a dishwashing machine?

Find out how much time, water, energy AND MONEY can be saved by using a dishwasher instead of washing your dishes by hand.

Quick tool compares the time, water, energy and money that can be saved by switching to a dishwasher.


How many family members are there in your household?
How many meals per week do you cook at home and then wash dishes by hand?
With a dishwasher you could save: per week per year
Hours 123 132
Litres of Water 123 123
KwH of power 123 123

* Intertek UK 2010 Washing up Study. For more details download the full findings here

** Comparison calculations assume:

  • One meal per person equates to one place setting washed up in a Dishwasher. It involves the number of utensils being used when one person is having a full course meal
  • Data from Intertek Study of washing utensils place settings by hand vs in a dishwasher
  • Average water and energy costs supplied by uSwitch.com
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