We stopped washing clothes by hand, so why do we still wash dishes this way? Only 1 in 100 Indian households have a dishwasher, compared to 2 out of 3 in European countries. Its time that we join the revolution and think about the health of our family & save water from wastage.

A main reason Indian homes have been slower to adopt dishwashers is misconception about the fact whether a Dishwasher can wash Indian dishes. But did you know that A dishwasher can wash your Kadai, patila & even your pressure cooker clean. Using the recommended detergents (Eg:Finish) your dishwasher can clean all the oil/ghee and masala stains from your dishes.

This website presents all the reasons you’d need to use a dishwasher and how to get the best wash results possible. You’ll never go back to washing dishes by hand.