1. Always scrape off excess food before loading or use a pre-wash programme on heavily soiled dishes. Modern dishwashers automatically detect and eliminate even the toughest dirt.
  2. You don't need to wash your dishes by hand first when using modern dishwashers and high quality products like Finish.
  3. Load and sort dishes according to manufacturer instructions, allowing water to circulate and reach all items. Generally, larger and dirtier items are best on the bottom rack, cups, glasses and less soiled items should be put on the top rack.
  4. Ensure spray arms can rotate and spray water freely. They get blocked by large items such as utensils and pan handles so always give the spray arm a spin before pressing start.
  5. Avoid using old or damp detergent and use the detergent recommended by your machine manufacturer
  6. Read and follow all the detergent pack instructions and use the right amount of dosages required.
  7. Use of rinse aid will prevent drop marks, boost drying results and deliver the complete shine.
  8. In very hard water, the addition of salt is essential to aid cleaning and prevent limescale deposits on dishes and damage to your dishwashing machine.
  9. To maintain performance of your dishwashing machine, remove and clean the filters inside your dishwasher regularly.
  10. Use a high quality dishwasher cleaner to clear build-up of grease and limescale (the average dishwashing machine needs cleaning every 60 washes).